Monday, January 16, 2017

Google Starts Warnings for Non-Secure Info Collection

If you have a website or manage a website, take note!  If your users are using Google Chrome when visiting your site, and they land on a page that asks for a password, social security number, credit card or other sensitive data, they will begin receive a warning message.

These warnings are the first steps in Google’s plan to make all pages that collect sensitive information use a secure protocol (HTTPS).  Along with this, Google will begin ranking pages with SSL Certificates higher then pages without (even if those pages do not collect information through forms).

How do you make sure your visitors don’t see these messages?  You can purchase an SSL Certificate for your domain.  Install the certificate to protect the whole site, or just the sections / forms that collect the information.  If you are going through a third party for login or to process payments, make sure those sites use SSL.

For more information about SSL Certificates, visit our "SSL/TLS Explained" page.  Comment below with questions.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Please Welcome Isaac Bell

I am happy to announce a new member joining Freelance I.T. Solutions - Isaac Bell.

Isaac joins us primarily as a Project Manager. But, he brings with him a load of technical skills that will benefit our operations. Isaac is an accomplished designer and illustrator, with hands-on experience with Adobe Suite. He is also the first member to join us with Ruby on Rails programming experience.

Additionally, Isaac has knowledge and experience with:
  • Node.js, 
  • HTML5, 
  • CSS3, 
  • Javascript,
  • PHP,
  • WordPress. 
We are starting 2017 with a bang! Welcome Isaac!

Monday, December 26, 2016

For January 2017 - WordPress Specials!

For January 2017 we are offering special prices on our two best selling WordPress packages - the Basic Template Plan and the Basic Custom Plan!

For just $900 (you save $300) the Template Plan allows you to choose from 11 template and we will customize the template you choose with your logo, images, and copy.  This package includes social media integration, SEO, and more... full info here.

If you are looking for a custom WordPress site, our Custom Plan gives you a custom WordPress site for only $2400!  (Your savings on this package - $600)!  The site is totally designed, top to bottom, to meet your brand standards - no templates here!  This plan also includes social media integration, SEO, gallery/video pages, and more... to see all the package includes visit our WordPress page.

You can contact us online for more information.  But, if you are ready and would like an estimate for your project, please fill out this form.  Also feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

If we can start your site in the first week of January, you could have your new site by the end of the month!

Parallax Effect on New Website

As I look back on the blogs from 2016, I realize there are way too many blogs on marketing issues and not enough blogs on coding, cool effects, functionality, and apps.  So, I'm going to close out 2016 with this blog on the parallax effect developed for a new site I'm working on.

If you are unaware of the what the 'parallax effect' is you can visit the proof-of-concept page I did for the new client at  The parallax effect is when you create an effect where the page content (the words) scroll by faster than the background images.

Not only is this effect pretty neat, it has the ability to build emotional awareness of your brand (by drawing attention to the background images) at the same time it is being very informative (through the content).  Additionally, it encourages the visitor to continue scrolling to the bottom of the screen - something that is important if you have more information to present than can fit above the 'fold.'  (The fold is considered the bottom of the visible area when the site is loaded in the browser.  'Under/Below the fold' is what becomes visible when you begin scrolling down).

This is a cool, fun effect that when used properly can really enhance your website.  Check out my implementation for "Fitness-365" by clicking here.  And please let me know what you think in the comments.

Special Note: this proof-of-concept is NOT responsive yet.  So, viewing on small screens may not offer the full effect.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lenovo's New Yoga Book

image from '' article
Wow, I have to say this is the first tablet I've been excited about in... well, ever.  Input includes stylus, virtual keyboard (attached) and ink on paper!  Linked here is a very good article about the device, including a video.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Special

We have been busy!  August was non-stop fun around here - cool client project, our own inspired creations... just no time for new thing and so, (as you may have noticed) no August special.

Now we are wrapping up projects and ready to take on new challenges in September - so bring us your ideas!

But what's the September special?  I don't know... I've thought quite a bit about it and I'm just not sure what to offer.  So, this month you choose the special!

You can choose from any special we've offered so far this year OR choose a service that has not had a special associated with it yet this year and get a 25% discount.

If you have an idea for a website, web app or mobile app tell us about it and we will give you a free bid for developing that site/app.  Then you can apply any special to it.  And consultations are always free!

Be sure to visit our site for more about our services, read testimonials, and see our portfolio.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Google Will Penalize Sites with Popup Ads in 2017

In mid-August Google announced that they would begin penalizing sites that used popup ads (what they call “intrusive interstitials”) beginning in January, 2017.

If you own or manage a WordPress site that uses one of the 1000s of plugins that creates automatic popups, you MUST be aware of this. Your site’s ranking will be effected by these new rules/algorithms. (Non-WordPress sites will also be effected).

Google has identified three kinds of popups they will begin penalizing sites for using/displaying.
  • First are popups that cover the main content of the page when a user arrives at that page by clicking on a link from a search result. This includes popups that are immediate, show up as the user scrolls down the page, or popups that show up as you try to navigate away from the page.
  • Popups that are ‘stand-alone’ and must be dismissed before the content can be viewed. You know, those annoying popups that cover the whole page and have a countdown timer forcing you to view the ad.
  • And finally, popup ads that act/look like they are the above-the-fold content of the page. These are the ads that take up the entire viewable area of the window and slide away quickly as you begin to scroll.

Examples of these popups will include promotions, membership offers, newsletter signups, coupons, and advertisements.

Exceptions to these rules will be popups that cover legal information – like those messages on sites originating in Europe that warn you that cookies are in use, login popups, and verification popups – think age verification on alcohol websites.

Why is Google doing this? Well, Google has been pushing for more mobile friendly sites for a while now. Last year they updated their search algorithms to favor sites that were mobile friendly – basically ranking mobile friendly sites above their ‘peers’ that were not responsive/mobile friendly. Popups that cover content are (annoying, yes) not considered mobile friendly.
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