Thursday, January 11, 2018

100 Days of Code... Just Got a Boost!

Well, for anyone who started off following this line of blogs, it's no secret that I was unable to keep up with the 100 Days of Code, Round 2.  I just had (have) too much code that I needed to write for my business clients.  Although, I have learned stuff along the way.  Most of the coding I do for them is stuff I'm well grounded in - PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript and MySQL.  (I did have a nice desktop project that I decided to do in Python - lots of learning there).  Every time I sat down to learn/write something new, I had this nagging in the back of my mind that I should be spending the time on client work.  So, I made very little progress in my attempt to learn something new every day.

But, today my learning process just got a boost... or maybe a kick in the pants, that will definitely push me to learn a little something new every day.  Today I was notified that I am the recipient of a Google Developer Challenge Scholarship to Udacity!

So, today starts a new journey!  I will be starting an official Android development course today! 

I am excited!  I have been developing hybrid apps for the Android platform for some years now.  I like the hybrid method.  I use both the Ionic/Cordova/Angular framework and the Expo/React-Native framework.  But, I've wanted to learn how to develop natively for Android for years... and now I get to!  Thank you Google and Udacity!

But, then there's the whole 100 days thing... the course with Udacity is only 90 days.  I'll have to find something fun to fill up those last 10 days - and beyond!

I will document the journey in this blog thread.

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