Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A-B Tests - Which Color Combo Do You Like

We would like your help.  A client is unsure of the color combination they would like on a new department-centered website.  Their organization has a standard color guide for all print and online material.  But, they may deviate since they are a 'stand-alone' department.  This has lead to the following:
  • Example A: In this image you see the site with a new set of primary colors, orange and green.  These are the colors that will represent the department.
  • Example B: This image uses the standard colors of 'gold' and green (note, the green is a darker shade of green). The gold and green are the university's colors.
Please compare the two and let us know which you prefer.  Please feel free to add comments about why you've made your choice. (Click images for larger view).

Example A
Example B