Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Have You Heard of Google Spaces?

Today Google announced their new social app, “Spaces.” I'm usually not one to jump right out there and download the latest, 'greatest' app. But, this one seems to me to be very useful.

The idea behind this new app is to give you a place to communicate with your groups. You can share links, videos, photos, and messages. I've already created groups (or Spaces as Google calls them) for my softball team, biking team, and employee-client groups.

I have to say, so far I like it.

TheNextWeb has a post with info on how to get started with Spaces. Aside from the poor editing, the article is pretty good.  The author doesn't seem as sold on Spaces as I am though.

How do you see yourself using this kind of social app?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

QoftheWeek - Ever use a DIY Website Builder?

This week I'd like to know if you have ever used a do-it-yourself website builder like Wix or SquareSpace?  If so, are / were you happy with the site?  Did it perform well for you?

Please feel free to elaborate on your experience with a comment.  Whether your experience was good or bad, I'd like to hear why you felt that way.

Results from last week's question:
I did not get very many responses to the question.  There were a two people who said that they do believe color has an effect on productivity and mood. And I got a lot of 'like' clicks on the question. But, no one told me the color of their workspace and how it effected them.

If you would like to respond to last weeks question, please feel free.  The questions are really never closed.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

QoftheWeek - Color Effects

Well, I did say in the first QoftheWeek (Question of the Week) post that I probably would not
actually get around to having one question each week...

But, here is the second question in this series: Do you believe the colors in your work space make a difference on how you work? (If so, what is the color of your primary work space)?

I have read many times that the color of your work space (or any space) can effect the way you feel and your productivity.  For example, red is supposed to make you feel more aggressive, blue more calm, orange more social.  I would like to find out how many people really feel the color of their work space actually influences their mood/productivity.

As a reference:
  • Red accelerates the heart rate, giving you a jolt of energy. Your eye is instantly drawn to red, and it promotes physical activity and emotion.
  • Orange is a social color, encouraging interaction. It works well in meeting rooms or other social spaces, though it might not be the most productivity-inducing shade.
  • Yellow stimulates creativity and optimism. If you’re a designer or creative professional, this could be your workspace accent color.
  • Green behaves almost as a neutral for the human brain. It is calming, and also causes zero eye strain over long periods of time.
  • Blue is the most universally productive color. Calming and stable, it helps most people focus on intensive tasks.
  • Purple stimulates problem solving, despite not being a very popular color in workspace decor.
  • Rainbows make us happy, creative, energetic, productive unicorns. (Okay, fine, that last one is not backed up by science.)
Please provide your answers in the comments section.

Results from April 20 Question:
Q: "What was the last app you used on your phone or tablet that WAS NOT a social media app?"

60% of the responses were 'business apps.'  The most common business app was Basecamp.  Other popular apps: TimeTrack (or other time tracking apps), cloud storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, and email apps. Skype for business was also mentioned.

32% used their phone / tabled for sports apps with the ESPN app taking the majority share of responses.

The final 8% was a mix of 'utility' apps.  These included the camera and apps to customize pictures, Wi-Fi phone apps and other communication apps like Skype (used for family/friend communication), apps for maps and directions, and apps for watching TV and listening to music.

My Thoughts:
Honestly, I thought the TV / video / music apps would take the number one spot!  And I was surprised that sports apps took a whole 32%!  Finally, where was Slack?  I keep reading about how Slack has taken off.  But it was not mentioned even once (and Skype was).  My only guess there is that people consider Slack a social app and not a business / communications app.