Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chat App Demo

Here's a little demo that I recently complete that shows how a business could implement a chat
app on their website.

The Chat App uses sessions to keep track of the visitors using the app - for the demo, there is a Representative and a Guest.

The web application can be customized for use on your website.  It would allow clients and potential clients to contact you for help and information.   If you have an employee at the computer or answering the phones, they could also monitor the app for active users.

For a production version, you could keep track of client information, guest names and/or email addresses, etc.  And the complete conversation is saved to a database for future reference.  The app can also be set up to allow the guest/client/visitor to have a transcript of the conversation send to their email.

To try the demo, visit our site at:
You will find information and directions on this page as well.

If you have any questions on how this app could be set up and customized for your site, please contact us.  You can also comment below.  We will not publish comments that include personal or business contact information.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New App Mockups and A/B Testing

Below are some mockup screenshots for a new mobile application we are developing.  First, I'm just kind-of showing them off.  But also, I'd like to know which set you prefer.  Please comment below with "White and Red" or "Black and Yellow" to indicate your choice.  ~Thanks 😊

Black and Yellow White and Red

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2017 Special - Web + Mobile and Save

For February 2017, get 20% off the development of a custom mobile application when paired
with the development of a website or web application!

Contract with us in the month of February to create a new website or web application and get a 20% discount on the development of a companion mobile application.

For more information, contact us at
If you would like to get a quote for your project, you may start by using this link.  We will review the information and get back with you within 24 hours.

Generate Truly Random Numbers for the Lottery

Today in the office we were discussing whether the different lottery game systems generate a truly random set of numbers where you play 'quick pick.'  We had different opinions.  But, it got me thinking about creating an app to do just that - generate a truly random set of numbers for lotto games... and then I went ahead and wrote the app.

The app allows you to specify how many numbers you need and the range of numbers (example, 6 numbers in the range of 1 through 53).  If the game you want to play also has a 'special ball,' like the PowerBall game, you can have the app generate that number as well.  Check it out at this link:

Next, I'm planning to use this to create apps for iOS and Android devices.  Stay tuned for links to the mobile apps.

This was a fun, quick app to create.  And it's meant for fun only!  You can use it to generate your numbers.  But, it will in no way help you win any lottery game!!

For developers: this app is written using raw Javascript to generate the numbers.  HTML/CSS for the UI.