Thursday, March 9, 2017

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When starting a project to either build a new website/app or update an existing website/app, there are questions that any good designer/developer should ask.  With some of the questions, it's easy to understand why the designer/developer needs to know the answer - questions like, "how many forms will you need?" and "will you be accepting payments online."  Others are not so obvious, but are still understandable.  Questions like, "who's your target audience?" are not always expected, but with a little thought, you can figure out why the designer/developer would need to know this. (Note: for the rest of this post "developer" will refer to designers and developers).

But, it seems that there are five questions that always cause confusion - "why do you want to know that??" is often the first response. Below are the five questions and I'll try to explain why these questions are important to a developer when planning your project.

Why do you want the new website/app?
The 'why' is often overlooked.  You want a new site or app and the developer wants to make some money.  So, skip the why, just do.

Maybe you are trying to meet an industry standard or government requirement. With this information, a developer can build the standards/requirements in from the start of the project and check to make sure they are followed during the project.

Also, a good (honest) developer will let you know if your reason for 'why' is even valid.  For example, if you want a new app to rapidly increase sales, your developer should explain that an app can help increase sales, but it is seldom 'rapid.'

What do you think this project will improve?
"I want to improve my image with a new, modern site," or "I want to appeal to younger customers with a mobile app," are totally valid answers.

It is important for your developer to understand what you are trying to improve with your site or app.  Answering this question helps the developer understand your vision for the project.

What are your long-term goals?
This ties into the questions above. It helps the developer to understand more about what you would like out of the project. For example, how long will this app/site be around - are we designing for the future as well as the present? Should we create for expansion or do you see a new project to meet future requirements?

What's the timeline for the project?
A clear timeline for the project needs to be established. What can realistically be completed in that time? If the project cannot be completed in the desired limit, can a scaled down version be developed that meets your needs? If a full version must be completed, can we adjust the timeline? 

What is the budget for this project?
This is somewhat related to the above question. Understandably, the developer is thinking, "Realistically, can I still make a profit AND give the client what they want and in the time they want?" Potential clients fishing around for the best price is understandable. (But don't forget the adage, "you get what you pay for.") Knowing your budget will help the developer know what he/she can realistically deliver.

These questions are often difficult for the developer to ask.  And I find that often, the client has not given them much consideration.  But, the discussion and answers to these questions will help the developer-client relationship and improve the outcome of the project.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2017 Special - It's a Redo!

Our February special was such a hit that we decided to do it again for March!  So, if you liked it last month and missed out... here's your chance again! Get 20% off the development of a custom mobile application when paired with the development of a website or web application!

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