Friday, May 15, 2009

What to Expect...

Hello! This is Russ, commonly known all over the web as "seveninstl" (I used to live 'in St. Louis'). I have been programming for more than 10 years. I started programming applications for the Windows operating system - usually programs that were to be used in-house by my employers. For the past eight years or so, I've been focused mostly on web applications, web page design, and increasing web functionality.

This blog will be about technology... computer related technology to be more specific. I hope to address some common questions about the Internet, web pages, programming, etc. This blog will not be targeted at hardware or computer repair issues. Although you may find some information scattered throughout the entries.

My goal here is to help non-technical people understand (hopefully in plan English) the terminology and workings of the Internet and more generally of computer programs. Each week I will post an article on some issue or aspect of programming. I also wish to invite the readers to ask questions. I will make every attempt to respond to each question asked.

I will begin next week (May 17 - 23, '09) with an article about 'net neutrality.' This is an issue that many have heard of but few understand just what it means to the average web user.

So please, check in next week for my first article. And if you have a question or subject you would like to have addressed, please use the 'comment' area below to make your request.