Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Banner Monsters Project

The Banner Monsters is a project we are currently working on with Pinscher Designs. While Pinscher Designs in doing the graphics for the site, Freelance I.T. Solutions is responsible for the 'Place Order' application.
The order application consists of a 5-tab form. This tab allows the visitor to choose the product they wish to order. Option drop-downs are populated on the fly depending on what product(s) are chosen.
The visitor enters contact information in this tab. The tabs can be navigated without loss of data. This allows the visitor to change information without the need for page refresh.
Here the visitor chooses production and delivery options. Again, the visitor can navigate between tabs without data loss. In this case, they may want to make changes to see how they effect price.
This tab summarizes the order and gathers the credit / debit card information. Notice here the grayed-out 'file upload' tab. The tab is visible, but unavailable until the order has been submitted and approved. This prevents the random and anonymous upload of files.