Wednesday, August 30, 2017

100 Days Of Code - Round 2

100 Days of Code is a coding challenge tracked on Twitter with the hash tag #100DaysOfCode.  The idea is to publicly Tweet each day with a short description of what you coded that day.
Now, as a developer/programmer, I code every day anyway (well, almost every day).  But, I use the challenge as an educational  adventure.
This is round 2 for me with 100 Days of Code. This time I'm going to track my progress better by using this blog to post daily updates.
Why do it? The last time I did this challenge was to learn more about customizing WordPress and to get started with Python. While I didn't get to code everyday, I was successful at completing my goals. So, I consider round 1 a success.
I realize that development technologies are progressing at a lightening pace. As a way to keep up (or in some cases catch up), I am going to do the challenges at FreeCodeCamp. (And probably a couple of courses on Udemy).  I will be keeping track of my progress here on this blog, on my GitHub page, and with Tweets. (I'm also thinking about posting on Facebook).
Signup and do the challenge with me!

Feel free to follow my progress, comment on each post, make suggestions, etc. 
This should be fun. 😀

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